Eastman leads the way to the future of flow

Grounded in innovation. Service excellence at our core. Eyes set at the horizon, Eastman pushes industry boundaries to provide you with superb products and services that address modern day needs. We set the standard in creating solutions for liquid flow challenges in today’s ever-changing landscape.

To do this, we build strong relationships as sincerely as we build efficient flow systems. This is what made Eastman Industrial Supply Incorporated, or simply Eastman, the no. 1 carrier of globally trusted pump and electric motor brands in the Philippines. Through us, you have easy access to worldwide producers of top-quality flow system parts and accessories you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the country.

What started as a one-man venture in 1976 has grown into the premier distributor in the flow systems industry, working with top-tier companies that serve as cornerstones of the Philippine economy. Our keen awareness of current technology trends and advancements keeps us at the forefront of innovation, leading the way to the future of piped fluid movement.

Eastman is able to steadily move forward due to each team member’s dedication, honing industry-specific skills and constantly updating our facilities to serve you better. We offer retail distribution and project management solutions that accurately address your unique needs. We bring these solutions to you – our world-class supply chain is made strong by our up-to-date warehouse facility and in-house delivery fleet, ensuring convenience and peace-of-mind on your part. From supply to after sales management, you can count on Eastman to help you usher your business to success.


Our core values

Respect & Result

At Eastman, we work S.M.A.R.T.

Service Excellence is in the heart of each Eastman employee. We are committed to deliver a high standard of service to each customer.

Moral Ethics guide our actions and decisions. We are aware of our personal responsibilities and thus act with integrity.

Accountability is upheld through our corporate social responsibility programs. We not only work for profit but also for the betterment of society.

Respect in the workplace is of utmost importance. We strive to have diversity in our teams and maintain fair and open communications in our daily operations.

Teamwork is highlighted. We work collaboratively to leverage each person’s skills and ideas to produce excellent results and learn from each other.


Motivating and inspiring others while going the extra mile

  • Display energy and enthusiasm in everything they do
  • Demonstrate a high level of care and personal commitment to their customers, colleagues and their role
  • Go out of their way to deliver promises
Can Do

Demonstrate outstanding commitment towards the team, customer and business

  • Go the extra mile to look for a solution
  • Are flexible to meet their customers’ needs, while still adhering to policies and processes
  • Always keep an optimistic view of their role, customers and colleagues
Right First Time

Committed & focused to deliver to a high standard first time, every time

  • Know their job responsibilities and related core processes to ensure a safe and efficient operation
  • Drive continuous improvement by thinking with a customer mind-set in all they do
  • Look for solutions to fix problems quickly when things don’t work first time


of experience


of the best
global brands





Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Efficient liquid flow for every application – from residential buildings to sprawling mechanical plants to towering skyscrapers, Eastman possesses the skills, equipment, and portfolio to build tailor-made systems for your specific needs.

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