Murphy Vibration, Time, and Overspeed

  • Vibration Switches

    These vibration switches are electro-mechanical device designed to protect equipment from damaging shock or vibration. This sensitive mechanism can detect excessive shock or vibration and shut down the equipment before further damage occurs.

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  • Mechanical Timer

    Murphy Time Switches can automatically start or stop engines or electrical motors after a predetermined time. These time switches can be wired for an open or closed circuit when time expires. They require no electrical current to operate and have an SPDT contact arrangement.

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  • Electromechanical Hourmeters

    The TM Series hour-meters record the operating time of vehicles or powered equipment. They are electromechanical and have a quartz base time counter that ensures accuracy. They can record up to 99,999.9 hours and include an automatic recycle to zero hours feature. 

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  • Speed Switches

    Murphy Electronic Speed Switches are available in various configurations to cover a wide variety of applications. These compact devices receive their input signal from various sources depending upon the particular speed switch model and application.

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  • Digital Tachometer

    Murphy offers high accuracy and dependable digital tachometers resulting from use of a quartz crystal time-base and digital, solid-state electronics.

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