Murphy Temperature

  • Temperature Sensors

    Enovation Controls offers a variety of highly reliable thermocouple and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) assemblies and 4-20 mA DC output RTD transmitters.

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  • Digital Temperature Swichgage Instrument

    Murphy’s model MDTM89 is an electronic, dual temperature monitor. It monitors two thermocouples, displays the temperature of the thermocouple selected and has adjustable trip points for each input. A toggle switch provides for selection of the thermocouple to be displayed and/or the temperature trip point to be checked/adjusted.

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  • Pyrometers

    The Single 10705147 and Dual 10705146 Port Pyrometers monitor exhaust temperatures in all types of engines. The Dual Port Pyrometer can monitor each bank of a V-type engine allowing you to compare readings at all times. Both pyrometers feature an easy to- read illuminated dial with scales in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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  • Swichgage and Murphygage

    These vapor/pressure actuated gages feature a sealed capillary tube and a sensing bulb. When subjected to heat, the liquid in the sensing bulb changes to vapor creating pressure against a diaphragm mechanism. The diaphragm translates this vapor pressure into a mechanical gage reading.

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