Fill-Rite Fuel Pumps

  • Motor Driven Fuel Pumps

    It’s no secret that the transfer of fuels is one of the foundational components that keep our world moving. The needs of the Agricultural,
    Construction and Transportation industries have long been met by Tuthill’s complete line of Fill-Rite rotary vane pumps. The rugged cast iron construction of this product is unparalleled in durability and has become the standard in these industries. If you work in or deal with these industries, whether on a farm, construction site or in fleet service, odds are very high that you rely every day on the Fill-Rite branded products to keep you moving.

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  • Hand Operated Fuel Pumps

    Fill-Rite hand pumps are perfect for low volume transfer of gasoline, light oils, diesel fuel, and other fluids from drums and barrels. Depending on the style of pump you choose, they operate by piston, rotary or hand lever action.

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