Chemical Pumps

Chemical Pumps

  • Brand: KSB
  • Product Type: CHEMICAL PUMPS

March pumps are centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, which is seal-less, preventing any leakage that is normally associated with a conventional seal pump and it reduces maintenance time spent on the pump.

  • Wide variety of material options for specialized chemicals .
  • Absence of seal prevent leakage of potentially dangerous or expensive liquids.
  • Capacity flows from 0.5 to 200 gallons per minute.
  • Heads up to 160 feet.
  • Available in plastic and metallic construction.

Aquariums, Beverage Dispensing Equipment, Chemical Transfer, Computer Cooling, Degreaser, Desalination, Electrostatic Coating, Fryers, Heat transfer, Home Brewing, Hospital Thermal Blankets, Ice Makers/Flakers, Kidney Dialysis, Marine Air Conditioning Systems, Microchip Manufacturing, Refrigeration Systems, Scrubber Systems, Solar Systems, X-Ray Machine Cooling, and Waste Water Treatment.

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